The seat of ones power is in the stomach. If the stomach feels well, most other problems can be dealt with. If the stomach feels bad, we may lack the power to accomplish much or even to eat.  

 First thing in the morning or anytime on an empty stomach, I take Liquid Oxygen Drops - 3 drops in a little water - usually once a day. Yes, it is dilute hydrogen peroxide. We know one of its main functions is to activate and stimulate the immune system. Hydrogen peroxide kills harmful viruses, yeast or bacteria, it stimulates enzyme systems throughout the body- so says Dr David Williams.                                                 

GASTROINTESTINAL CONDITIONING:                                                          Psyllium is rich in soluble fiber. I like to put 1/2-teaspoon of psyllium husks in a cup, add 1/4 cup of water, stir and drink immediately. Then add more water, stir and drink, and add more water and drink, all before gelling sets in.             Psyllium should always be taken on an empty stomach – about 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch or supper.                                            

A dietary fiber, psyllium softens stools, relieves constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids and other intestinal disorders. Psyllium husks in water swell to a gelatinous mass that aids in transport of waste. I believe that even in the stomach it does some considerable good in that it acts as a sponge and soaks up toxic substances of all kinds that could include bile, which sometimes backs up into the stomach and makes us feel bad (bilious). Also it tends to clean the stomach and intestines of acids, digestive and medicinal residue, heavy metals, and soak up bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus spores  - like in candida. It is considered a good intestinal cleanser, taking waste quickly through the digestive system and reducing the risk of re-absorption of toxins  and risk of colon cancer and other diseases.

Growth of healthy, "friendly" intestinal bacteria, such as Lactobacillus acidophilous & bifidobacteria, is promoted by Psyllium. These beneficial (gut-brain) bacteria  aid in regulation of bowel movements.

​Psyllium absorbs excess water and also caries moisture to dry areas in the colon, which helps to normalize transit time. In that manner it helps mitigate cases of alternating constipation and diarrhea and the fiber helps to reduce bloating and flatulence.

​Studies have found that soluble fiber (including psyllium) helps regulate stool consistency and frequency in people with IBS and psyllium is preferred over other types of fiber for reducing flatulence and bloating, all of which is prevalent in IBS, ulcerative colitis (IBD), Crohn's disease, etc.  Psyllium also can lower insulin and blood sugar levels, and cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Some studies have shown that it is just as effective as prescription drugs.

​HERE'S WHAT I DO:                                                                                         I take psyllium at least once per day on an empty stomach with lots of water and then, after a few minutes, I take raw aloe vera gel (about 1 tablespoon).  I pick it from the yard, keep in the refrigerator, cut off a piece, slice it open and eat the inner gel. On the go, I may buy an aloe juice drink.                       Then I chew 1/2 teaspoon of raw flax seeds and wash down with water.             That's it. PSYLLIUM, ALOE and FLAX SEEDS -                                               Sometimes, even if my stomach does not empty properly, which may be a problem for me, my taking of the psyllium, aloe, and flax seeds - and I may add chewing a pinch of caraway seeds - This is very helpful to stabilize my GI track.

Frequently I eat a little too much fruit in an effort to overcome sluggish elimination. Symptoms are: my nose feels cold, chilliness with thirst, debility from exhausting discharges, thinking prevents sleep, flatulence, belching, tympanitic abdomen, (useful for flu symptoms).  I may need to take China 30c (Cinchona Officialis). I have this remedy in alcohol and I put a 10 drops in an empty dropper bottle and fill with distilled water. I shake it and take about 10 drops at a time for a few doses.

Very often I have to follow China with several doses of Carbo Veg. 30x - for debility with cold feet, eructations, heaviness, fullness, sleepiness, digestion slow, food disagrees, distension, flatulent colic.  IF I HAVE EATEN HOT, SPICY FOOD, (with severe dyspepsia, nausea and vomiting, photophobia, irritable, dislike noises, odors, light, constipation with frequent, ineffectual urging - I would first take one of more doses of Nux Vomica 30c.)  After an hour or so or with just mild dyspepsia - I may stabilize by chewing 1 to 3 tablets of Kyo-Green phytonutrient for energy and 10 minutes later may take doses of Carbo Veg 30x.

  A homeopath could determine what remedy you need to solve a ileocecal valve problem and to balance your entire system for better health and happiness. I have a similar problem - maybe even more extreme - and I use homeopathic remedies, mostly of my own choosing - and I do not go to bed in pain. Determining the homeopathic remedy(s) that might work for you requires a lot more info on how you feel physically and mentally, that's why you should see a homeopath. You would get a solution that enables you to recover from this rather simple problem with no side effects. However, There are a few things that I could suggest and some possible homeopathic remedies.

Eating fresh raw fruits and vegetables helps, when I have the pain in the lower right abdomen, which is where the ileocecal valve is located. I eat fruit before meals - dried cranberries and blueberries with some dried coconut fakes, apple or apple sauce, grapes and after 30 min, I eat some parsley, celery sticks with a little organic mayonniase or ranch dressing, also carrot sticks, sugar snap peas, etc. That should help the constipation, but you may need to drink lots of water, too. Additionally on an empty stomach you may need to take 1/2 teaspoon of psyllium husks mixed in a little water and drunk immediately, followed by a glass of water, then pick some raw aloe vera and eat 1/2 tsp of the inner gel followed by chewing 1/2 tsp of raw flax seeds. That helps me a lot. I also take digestive enzymes before and after meals - Enteromend by Health Concerns and Digest Gold by Enzymedica. I take some vitamins with meals and especially Magnesium Malate by Source Naturals. I also eat seeds - poppy, chia, sunflower, pumpkin, hemp, and sesame. Also, after meals, I take 3 capsules of Osteoprime (capsules, not tablets) by Enzymatic Therapy - good calcium supplement and contains some betaine hydrochloride. That's a little hydrochloric acid to help digestion in the stomach. I also chew a half tab of bromelain (its from pineapple) and also some dried papaya.

The homeopathic remedies that could be indicated are: Bryonia Alb. 30c, for constipation with large stools, dry mucous membranes, feeling irritable, dry mouth, great thirst, burning and stitches in abdomen (in ileocecal valve area), stiffness and stitches in small of back, may have cough. - - Complementary to Bryonia is Rhus Tox 30c, for extreme tiredness, or Alumina 30c, for loss of appetite, no desire for stool, hasty, hurried, scabs in nose, brittle skin around nails.                                                                    Agreeable sensation in stomach, soon after, followed sometimes by an extraordinary increase of appetite.            

What I am doing here does seem to ease the toxic burden on my immune system. It is well known in the more intelligent health circles, that toxic overload of the immune system leads to illness. I have found that by doing as much as I can to unburden my immune system, my immune system can then bounce back strongly and a healing of my ills follows.


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