I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Tried some of the doctor prescribed medications – right away that was not a good reaction. My irritable bowel started churning wildly and I felt hot – not good.

So, I got OsteoPrime capsules, by Enzymatic Therapy, for bone health and density. I took several after a meal. Amazingly, they also made my stomach feel good. In the recommended dose of 4 capsules, they have 20 mg of Betaine HCL – that’s hydrochloric acid.

Apparently, I had low stomach acid. I was losing bone mass because I had too little stomach acid to get the nutrients out of my food and, as a result, my stomach usually did not feel good. I like the way this OsteoPrime works.

However, I have to be careful that I don’t get the product in tablet form. Enzymedic Therapy makes both. I got the tablet form one time, and they disolve in the small ¬†inestintine and cause problems.