Menses Heavy, Long, Painful – Joint Pain, Warts

​Many women and girls suffer intense cramping and heavy flow during the period. May have bright red blood and large clots and very low iron levels. They suffer with embarrassing leaks and frequent bathroom trips. (Uterine fibroids may be given, as the supposed medical cause.) 

Customer Review on Amazon says: After much research, tried Homeopathic remedy, Sabina 30c, but no improvement at the start of the period. However, the manufacturer’s website indicated dose for this condition is 5 pellets every 30 minutes until symptoms subside. So that is what she did. (Could also put 2 pellets in a small water bottle and shake and sip frequently – may be just as effective and avoids so much sugar in the mouth.)

​Incredible results, symptoms subsided over a couple of days,​ she got her life back !

​She gives a few tips for those new to homeopathic remedies – never touch the pellets with your fingers. Don’t swallow them whole, let them dissolve under the tongue. Avoid food and water for at least 5 minutes before/after dose.

​There are many customer reviews on Amazon for Sabina with similar results – they say “miraculous”, “life-changing”. Some take Sabina for neck or back pain with great results.

Sabina 30c (Click here to see Amazon Customer Reviews.)

(A few reviewers said it did not help, but maybe they did not follow the instructions stipulated above, or maybe their condition did not fit the main symptoms, as indicated in the Homeopathic Materia Medica for Sabina (Excerpted below).

​It should be pointed out that there are approximately 32 conditions associated with heavy menstrual bleeding, irregular menstrual periods, joint pain (lumbar spine) and joint pain.

​It may be an indication of the Sycosis miasm, according to Homeopathic theory, resulting from suppressed Gonorrhea or genetic damage  by HPV (human papillomavirus) passed down through the generations. 

From the Homeopathic Materia Medica: Sabina (Savine) has a special action on the uterus, also on serous and fibrous membranes. Pain from sacrum to the pubis and from below upwards shooting up the vagina. Hemorrhages, where the blood is fluid and clots, worse from least motion. Menses profuse, bright (red). Other symptoms include: music is intolerable, makes nervous, head and teeth ache, heartburn, colic, bleeding hemorrhoids, possible threatened miscarriage, violent pulsations, paralytic pain in small of back, arthritic pain in joints, pain in legs, feet, gout, fig-warts – itch, burn, warts. Worse motion, heat. Better cool fresh air.

From Homeopathic Therapeutics, Samuel Lilienthal, MD, 1994, page 1014:        Sycosis, venereal figwarts – intolerably burning and itching: Sabina

Complementary: Thuja 30c – Thuja and  Sabina are complementary to each other. Both are anti-sycotic. After taking Sabina for heavy menstrual cycle, as indicated above, a few doses of Thuja may be very helpful. (See article: Warts, Eruptions & Miasms (Genetic Predisposition) 

Amazon Customer Reviews for Thuja seem to mostly cover usage for warts and skin eruptions in humans and for pets, too, mostly written by people. I find Thuja to be helpful for a much greater range of conditions.