Chronic Fatigue

I learned from a homeopathic pharmacist in Italy that you can put one or two pellets in a small water bottle and shake it and the energy of the medicine is imparted to all the water. Then I shake and take a small sip every 10 minutes for a few doses - usually do this when I am lying down and extremely tired and moving hurts. I also usually put my feet higher, usually on my back with knee in chest position. After 3 doses I am rejuvenated, I feel so much better. I will stretch and so some exercises and then I can spring out of bed. This is a Godsend for my chronic fatigue, aches and even helps my irritable bowel at my 79 years of age. Two pellets in the water bottle - and it will last me for several days - talk about cost-effective. And I do not take any drugs except for Armour Thyroid and Bio-identical testosterone - natural stuff. Ya, I'll stick with natural - and the healthy food, herbs, and homeopathic remedies that got me here. I am looking forward to another 30 or 40 years of having fun. That's my story and I'll stick by it.

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