The book "Mental Health Through Will Training" states that anger is the base emotion that underlies all other negative emotions. Anger is a condition of extreme frustration, when individuals feel under threat and lack other means of response. One can stew in their resentments, but, as that popular expression tells you, it often leads to other negative feelings such as fear, loathing, jealousy, etc., and that disturbs your inner peace and can give rise to many symptoms and ills.  Lashing out may be the result of your chain being pulled. Now you are really swinging in the wind. Oh, this is not comfortable and may be the source of ills. Maybe there is a better way to deal with frustrations, but keeping emotions in check may also lead to health problems.

The “negative” emotions, such as sadness, fear, and disgust, trap us in despair and disarray. Shame and guilt may result and cause us health problems. Magnifications of self – in the more extreme versions of narcissism  and pride can cause further problems. Hatred and aggressive behaviors may result. Fueling many of those anti-social outbursts is anger. We have to allow for spontaneous expression, but we should spot that we have anger and work it down.

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Thomas Henricks

Thomas Henricks, Ph.D., is Danieley Professor of Sociology and Distinguished University Professor at Elon University.

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